What’s this all about?

I thought it would be interesting, having just finished my final Nutrition & Dietetic BSc exams, to create a blog about becoming a dietitian and what it all involves. There seem to be many  blogs for becoming a dietitian in the USA, but not for the UK, of which the process is completely different.

When I first decided I would like to become a dietitian, I admit I knew very little about the profession, and its distinction from a nutritionist. In fact, I had not even heard of the term ‘dietitian’ until researching degree courses based on nutrition. Along the course I have been immersed in the dietetic world, and I have to say it was somewhat different to my initial expectations. Luckily, this was not different in a bad sense, and I loved the profession increasingly the more I learnt and the more I was able to become involved in the role, particularly through hospital placements. However I understand this profession is not for everyone, and I have seen people leave the course along the way due to this reason, and perhaps not knowing enough about the intricacies of the degree. I therefore hope to share some experiences with those considering beginning the degree, or already on the degree course, which I would have found useful to know back then.

Throughout my four-year course I have learnt and experienced many many things, some interesting, some daunting, some very difficult and some very fun. From exams, to coursework and presentations to the (sometimes) dreaded clinical placements. Having filled out my HCPC form ready to be registered (which I can send off once I get my degree results back!) I am so happy and excited to begin my journey to becoming a fully-fledged, registered dietitian.

I hope you find this blog interesting, and please feel free to leave comments and ask questions, it would be great to get feedback and of course to generate some discussions on the topics.


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