Banning school packed lunches, a good idea for children’s nutrition?

Just a quick post to highlight the opinions on the potential that school packed lunches will be banned across the UK, following suit of some schools who have already enforced the rule. I’m not so sure myself, and neither is Professor Jane Ogden, a lecturer in health psychology at the University of Surrey. Take a look at her opinion of the government’s suggestion in this article.

I am all for children being healthy and receiving the healthiest lunch possible which will provide them with all the necessary nutrients to keep them going throughout the day, but banning what should be a choice not only nutritionally but also financially will undoubtably cause many problems. There is nothing to say a school packed lunch cannot be healthy, and from a public health nutrition perspective perhaps a greater focus on nutrition education and food labelling standardisation would be more beneficial than simply not allowing a packed lunch.

Feel free to discuss, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts!

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