CPD ideas!

It can be difficult to keep up to date with our CPD, particularly when self-employed. So I have listed a few easy ways to add in some valuable CPD to your records!

Firstly, Nutrilicious do some excellent webinars which are free to watch anytime, and they provide you with a certificate once you have watched it. The webinars are endorsed by the BDA! Take a look at them here, there are topics on: sustainable diets, fibre, familial hypercholesterolaemia, calorie reduction and plant protein.

And you can register for the one on the gut microbiome here Thursday 6th December 2018 8-9pm!

Secondly, the Open University have some free courses, which include those in health, exercise and diet, take a look here.

Thirdly, the CN (complete nutrition) magazine is a great read for those of you who don’t already receive it. It is free (for registered dietitians, senior gastroenterologists, nutrition nurse specialists, nutrition pharmacists and nutrition and dietetic students) and delivered to your door monthly for all with the exception of students who can receive digital copies only. However I would urge everyone to reduce their carbon footprint by selecting to receive digitally only! As well as receiving their magazine, you can see their extensive article index here.

Another way I have found to add to my CPD record is by using social media. Following certain people or groups on Facebook and Instagram (I haven’t started to use Twitter yet!) has directed me towards some great resources. Some examples of people/groups to follow or join are:

  • Freelance/Private Practice Dietitians’ Group on Facebook
  • The British Dietetic Association on Facebook
  • @nicsnutrition on Instagram
  • @theguthealthdoctor on Instagram
  • @bda_dietitians on Instagram
  • @thegutstuff on Instagram
  • Oh and you can follow me too! @aboutadietitian on Instagram

I hope this helps, and please do leave some additional ideas for CPD in your comments 🙂




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